Setting Boundaries

The boundaries you set will shape the quality of your life. 

It can be tricky, I know. Especially when you are first starting out, because no one is used to you setting boundaries with them — and they tend to react poorly. Some will get angry, some will guilt trip, and others will give you the silent treatment. Now, when we think about it, it's total bullshit for them to act like this simply because you are taking care of yourself, but they do — and we often give in. We give in because conflict is hard and we are afraid to hurt others, and we end up sacrificing our selves and our needs to keep the peace. 

This sacrifice comes at a great cost. This sacrifice is costing you time, energy, and a sense of wellbeing. You are not a sacrificial lamb, you are not required to give of yourself so that others can be okay. They can be completely okay on their own. Not sure if this applies to you? Here are a few things that indicate shitty boundaries:

  • You are stressed out, overworked, and overwhelmed.
  • You feel taken advantage of by your friends, family, or co-workers.
  • You feel like a jerk when you ask for what you need.
  • You say yes more often than you say no.
  • You are the person everyone comes to to solve their problems. 

Is this you?
Are you tired of it?

It can be better, and I can help. 

Sarah offers a humorous, down to earth approach to CONFIDENCE. LEADERSHIP, AND COMMUNICATION. Mentor, author, and leading innovator in her field, she eases the learning curve of this thing called life. Hang out with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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