Meet Sarah

I’m Sarah. Mother, wife, mentor, writer, and small business owner. My expertise is being brave.
By some fucked up cosmic roll of the dice, I was born into circumstances that required me to be brave from the start. It was a steep learning curve, but I’ve got it down now. And, a few years ago it became clear, I was to teach others how to be brave too. 
That’s where you come in. I’m guessing you didn’t come across me by accident while trying to find a tax pro. I’m guessing that some time in some way you whispered in your heart, this shit has got to change. And, BAM! Like a fairy godmother — sans glitter, and wand, and age … maybe godmother isn’t the best description. Definitely not a genie either. Maybe more like Glinda the Good Witch, here to tell you how to use your tele-transporting shoes? Although, I’m not opposed to sending flying monkeys to those who deserve them.
Either way, here you are. And here I am. 
Whether you are here to read my books, hire me to speak, or coach you one on one — I’m sincerely glad you made it. See? You are being brave already. Hi-five! 
If you want to stalk me a bit longer before you decide how to proceed, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and you can find all my written work on my Amazon Author page. Or, you can email me directly and we can chat. 



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