Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

Hi I’m Sarah, drinker of coffee, reader of books, and owner and operator of Mindful Energy.

With a dynamic mix of formal education and street hustle, I have created coaching programs that bring magic into the mundane — because I know the world becomes a better place when people have the confidence to bring their intuitive, energetic selves into everything they do.

As a mother of three bright and funny individuals and wife to a handsome husband who has a killer beard, I understand the demands and expectations of being a woman in our society.

I also understand that we have a choice — we can choose to be bound by those demands and expectations or we can choose to show up as our badass selves and take the world by storm.

I personally am not a fan of people telling me what to do, so I am breaking down the barriers of guilt, shame, and expectation — letting the world know that we belong, anywhere we want to be — just as we are. Are you in? Schedule your free strategy session now.

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