The 52 Week Year — Week Eight

Do You Honor Your Commitments?

Are you reliable? Do you keep your word? Do you show up when you say you will? Do you make promises that you end up breaking? Do you flake out at the last minute? Making excuses as to why you can't show up? Do you follow through with commitments you make? 

If you are like most people, you read these questions and thought about your interactions with others — your spouse or best friend maybe? What about you? 

Do you promise yourself to start that diet tommorrow. Or look for a new job next week? Or maybe you make a commitment to wake up earlier in the morning so that you can get to work on time without feeling like a train wreck — only to hit the snooze button six times in a row. You'll start running tomorrow, you'll write that book soon, you'll finally tell that person how you feel. But you don't. You make excuses, engage in distractions, and flake out — time and time again. 

Every time you fail to show up for yourself, every time you bail with the grandest excuses, you are telling the universe, "I am not responsible. Don't bring great things my way, because I can't handle them." And guess what? The universe will oblige. Universal energy doesn't interpret things, it will reveal exactly what we ask for. So when we hit that snooze button, we are telling the universe, "Oh, no thanks — I'm too busy for such amazing things to come my way." And, the universe will oblige. 

Your life is absolutly all about you, and it's time to start acting like it. It is time to be committed to yourself. It is time to keep the promises you make to yourself. It is time to make yourself a priority. When you do, when you show up for yourself, the universe will oblige. 

Guided Weekly Focus
This will help you focus your intentions, goals, and actions for the week.

Even the smallest action will lead to grand results. The size of the task is not as important as you showing up.
This card is from Sonia Choquette'sThe Answer is Simple

Your Inspired Action Items

  • Make a list of the things you would like the universe to reveal to you. This could be a new job, a reliable car, or a path out of financial despair. 
  • Put your hand over your heart and say, "I commit to making myself a priority."
  • Write down two ways you will commit to showing up — and then do it!

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