Find shortcuts and avoid pitfalls while smashing your goals

The future is fragile.

The smallest action can completely change the course of our life — and our brain knows it.

What if I miss my chance?

How do I know I can trust him? 

Is this the right thing to do?


These are the questions that keep us up at night and stop us from achieving great things. These doubts pound heavy through our minds, leaving our hearts weary, and our bank accounts famished.

Are we doomed to this existence? Is this what adulting has become?


Because, the smallest action can completely change the course of our life. We can dream, wish, hope, and build crystal grids — or we can act. We can take charge of our actions by making intentional, informed decisions that will lead us above and beyond our goals. We can stop carrying the weight of worry, and show the world that, yes, we can do anything.

For any plan or project you have going — or are preparing for — you can have more certainty and success, with less self-doubt.

A Tarot Cast creates an illuminated path, highlighting shortcuts, pointing out pitfalls, and validating what you already know. 

It is as simple as checking your email, answering some questions, printing off your Cast, and blowing the minds of your friends and colleagues as they wonder how in the world you are doing it.


Quiet that persistent voice of doom and gloom. Shine a light into all the dark corners — and execute LIKE. A. BOSS.


How it works

After check-out you will receive an email from me within 24 business hours. You answer a few questions about your project or plan. Using a Tarot Cast, I will provide you with a detailed, illuminated path forward — a play book of sorts. The Tarot Cast will have room for you to jot down notes, ideas, and inspirations. Print it out and tuck it into your planner or journal for easy reference along the way. 

Find shortcuts and avoid pitfalls while smashing your goals

Sarah Hadley is reformed hood rat who now lives in the suburbs, reads Tarot, writes books, and tries her hardest not to cuss at the bus stop. Visit the home page to find helpful articles, coaching options, and like-minded community.

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