7 Things Witchy Women Do Differently

“She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.” — Charles Bukowski

Witchy Women are a unique sort – they belong to a class all their own. They operate by their own rules, and, truth be told, I think they like it that way. On the surface Witchy Women look much like everyone else, but if you pay attention you’ll notice a difference.

1. They have small jars of plants growing everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

2. Bells or chimes will be found somewhere in the house – most likely in a door way.

3. Their house is the best place to visit on Halloween. Deep down everyone loves to see a witch in her element and Halloween offers the perfect excuse.

4. Fire happens all the time – what can I say, burning shit is magic.

5. They play with ouiji boards and tarot cards like other people play checkers.

6. If they don’t like you, there is a good chance they have some of your hair.

7. Full moons are like holidays, all the best china comes out.

Witchy Women are a vital part of our society and I highly recommend getting to know a few. I highly, highly recommend you don’t piss one off – especially if you’ve been close enough to have given some hair.

Are you a Witchy Woman? What things do you do differently? I’d love to hear some of them in the comments.

Do you suspect you are a Witchy Woman, but aren’t sure? Read my article Is Your Magic Rising? it might help.

“And remember, a witch, first and foremost, is a woman in her power.” Lisa Lister, Witch.

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7 Things Witchy Women Do Differently

Sarah Hadley is reformed hood rat who now lives in the suburbs, reads Tarot, writes books, and tries her hardest not to cuss at the bus stop. Visit the home page to schedule Sarah for a speaking event or personal coaching.

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