It’s summer and ME turns five, so let’s celebrate

It was in July, five years ago that Mindful Energy’s first incarnation was released into the world. In the beginning, it was called Energy Guide Oregon — which is a terrible name that comes with a long story, but the short of it is, avoid business advice from people who don’t know how to run a business.

That name lasted only a year and then came Mindful Energy, although it still wasn’t what we know it as today. For the first two years, I offered energy work and intuitive readings. That got old, real quick. It didn’t take long to figure out it didn’t matter how well I released energy cords, unless a person attended to their thought habits, they would leave my table and go find all the same attachments and plug them right back in.

And, it didn’t take me long to figure out when people sat down with me to receive an intuitive reading, they hid. They hid because they were so afraid of being seen.

These were big problems that were wasting my time and their money and that’s when I began to shift gears and create Mindful Energy as it’s known today. The Apprenticeship was the first program created. I knew I needed to give my people something that would keep them from seeking dysfunctional attachments in order to feel secure and wanted and to show them how okay they are, just as they are — with no need to hide.

Every year I have tried new things and through trial and lots of error I became comfortable with the fluidity required to run my business. I learned it was totally okay to try and stop, tweak and change, and roll out something new only to return to the old. I learned to say no a lot and yes even more. I learned to keep moving the direction my inner wisdom was taking me, and figure out the HOW along the way.

I am deeply grateful for my husband Sam who listens to all the hair-brained ideas and helps calm my fears, and my kids, Savannah, Solie, and Staley who were patient when dinner was late and have always been my best cheerleaders.

I am also deeply grateful for you. I am grateful for every single time you’ve shown up, whether it’s to read a blog, like a post, or tag me in a funny meme — I’ve seen you every single time.

Now that the history lesson is over and the sappy I love you’s are done, let’s celebrate. Because it’s been five. fucking. years.

From now until August 31st

The Energy of Success and Master Your Intuition webinars are 25% off. (you will find them here)

The 52 Week Year is 25% off.

The Mindful Energy Apprenticeship, The Plunge, and both the Gold and Diamond level memberships are all 25% off.

Important to know, the discount only applies when tuition is paid in-full — it doesn’t apply to payment plans. And, starting September 1, 2018 prices are going up, so if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to act, it will save you some cheddah. Use promo code SUMMER25 at checkout.

As we launch into this summer of celebration, know how grateful I am to you for showing up, over and over again.

Cheers ☕️


Cue the music, it’s Summertime.

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