The Ethics of Intuition

Let’s talk for a minute about the ethics of intuition, because not a lot of people are.

How many times have you been accosted by the too-touchy reader at the psychic fair that gave you a reading without you asking? It’s a common thing, unfortunately. And it’s gross. Like back-the-fuck-up gross.

We all have intuitive ability. A gift that is wise to strengthen, trust, and use every day. A gift that can be abused as easily as it can be used. There is power in knowing what others don’t, and people are curious. Some enjoy being a circus side show act, yelling out vague statements with just enough practiced zest to peak curiosity.

Don’t be this person.

This is the same person that looks in your medicine cabinet to see what meds you take. This is the same person that will open your checkbook to see how much money you have. This is the same person that will read medical files they have access to, but no reason to read. Don’t be this person.

Ethics and boundaries are important, and they especially apply to intuition and energy. Just because you can read something, doesn’t mean you should.

  • Mind your manners and mind your business.
  • Don’t look unless you are asked.
  • Don’t tell unless you have permission.

Sometimes you see something on accident, it happens. No big deal. Just like sometimes you see your neighbor through an open window — do you stare and take pictures? Maybe ask what they are doing or offer some feedback on how they are folding their laundry? Or do you look away and move along? If you’re not a creeper, you move along. Intuitive information is the same way.

If you do readings for others, professionally or just for fun, only read for them. Not for the boyfriend they are asking about. Not for the estranged brother they want to find. Not for the wife, who may or may not be sick. The boyfriend isn’t there asking you to read for him. Nor is the brother or the wife. So, don’t do it. If being ethical is important to you, only read the person that is sitting in front of you, asking for your service. Anything else is being an intrusive creeper.

Use your intuition on all things, everyday — but only the things that apply to you. If you want to learn more about how to enhance your intuitive ability, schedule a free consultation or check out the programs available. If you feel like someone is using their intuition to intrude on your privacy, I can teach you how to protect yourself from prying eyes. 

Sarah offers a humorous, down to earth approach to radical self discovery. Mentor, author, and leading innovator in her field, she eases the learning curve of this thing called life. You can have Sarah coach you and hang out with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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