Your energetic bank account is overdrawn

Every interaction you have, in your head and in the physical world, is an energetic transaction.

What if we were to think of our energy in the same way we think of money? What if we were to budget some energy for this, save some for that, and stop spending because there is none left — and the credit cards are maxed out? 

What would that look like? It would look a lot like you saying no to a lot more things than you are now. If you were to look into your energetic bank account everyday to see what the balance is, and then spend accordingly, you would have less stress, less fatigue, and more energy to do things that really matter to you. 

Seems simple, yet we don’t do this. Instead we hand over our debit card to the person nearest to us and say, “here, spend what ever you want.” Leaving ourselves to deal with the consequences of being overdrawn, without any benefit to us. The other person spent your energy for something they wanted and now you‘re broke AF.

Starting today, right now — check your energetic bank account. Look at the transactions. What is depositing energy? What is withdrawing energy? Do you have more debits than credits? Are you totally overdrawn?

Every interaction you have, in your head and in the physical world, is an energetic transaction. You need to know where you are spending your energy, who is stealing from your account, and what is leaving nice little love notes with $5 inside. And begin to make decisions on how you interact, and with who, because it all matters.

This will mean you need to say no to things. You will need to let other people handle their own shit. You will have to stop micromanaging ALL OF THE THINGS — the world will continue to spin without your finger in every pot. This means you will need to take an occasional day off just because. Turn off the phone, go to a coffee shop, curl up with a good book, get a pedicure, go visit a friend — do something that tells yourself and the world, “I am stacking my account with energetic cash and you aren’t entitled to a payout”.

Until you start attending to your energy in this way, you will continue to be stressed out, burned out, and spread too thin. I promise you, this is a better way

Until next time,  💚 Sarah


Sarah offers a humorous, down to earth approach to radical self discovery. Mentor, author, and leading innovator in her field, she eases the learning curve of this thing called life. You can have Sarah coach you and hang out with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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