Who says we can’t have it all?

City or country, chocolate or vanilla, fries or tots.

This is how we tend to see things and live our lives, choose one OR the other — but not both.

It begins at an early age, usually with inconsequential things such as wearing pants OR shorts, picking a hot dog OR a hamburger from the lunch menu, playing basketball OR baseball, being a writer OR making money (because you know, you have to make a choice and stick with it!) 

Bringing this attitude of OR into adulthood causes problems. By believing that we have to choose one thing over the other, we limit our ability to experience many great things in life.

When we live in the land of OR, we become rigid. ‘It has to be this OR that’, which typically translates into ‘it has to be my way OR your way’. I have to champion women’s rights OR make my husband a sandwich, I can’t do both.

Says who?

Who decided we can’t have it all? I don’t know, but I’m guessing that someone lived a nice tidy life, with a good job and a 401k and dropped dead of a heart attack the day after retirement.

I choose and. I choose both.

I choose to live a life where I can have all the things, I choose to be flexible and comfortable with change, I choose to listen to the and/or/but of other people, I choose to have variety — I choose to live a full life.

There is no aspect of any of our lives that is static, so why live like it is? Fixation creates separation from the people and world around us, while also creating stress, anxiety, fatigue and anger.

So, eat the tater-tots on the way to your Zumba class, drive the big truck and care about the environment, scream-cry all your grief and laugh about the absurdity of it all, be scared and fall madly in love — just don’t do hot dogs and ketchup, because that’s gross.

Sarah offers a humorous, down to earth approach to radical self discovery. Mentor, author, and leading innovator in her field, she eases the learning curve of this thing called life. You can have Sarah coach you and hang out with her on Facebook and Instagram

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