We Are Born to Be a Reminder

We are different — people like you and I.

We are at odds with that which seems just like us. We shave our legs, vaccinate our kids, shop on Amazon, and eat food that comes out of a box.

We don’t have dramatic appearances that attract attention and we aren’t loud and brash just for the sake of it.

And yet, we turn heads and raise eyebrows simply by walking into a room.

We didn’t choose to be this way. It’s not the car we drive or the perfume we wear. It’s nothing we can put on, touch or taste. It is in our blood. We are the modern wild woman.

We are the seers, healers, and sages. We are also business women, housewives, and soccer moms. We are the women who have decided that it is not either/or. We are the women who command the PTA and make a mean grilled cheese.

We are the women who have defied what the world said we needed to be. We are the women who refused to edit ourselves for the comfort of others.

We are the women who laugh a little too loud and cuss a little too much.

We were born to be fierce with our love and our words — to remind the world of the forgotten feminine. A power that is hard to handle and painful to touch, a power that leaves us lonely and misunderstood. A power that is in our blood.

I don’t know why we were chosen, but here we are. Moving mountains and shaking foundations while folding laundry. We are here together you and I, we are not alone.

Sarah offers a humorous, down to earth approach to radical self discovery. Mentor, author, and leading innovator in her field, she eases the learning curve of this thing called life. Click here to set up a personal consultation, check out her book, Mindful Energy : A Journey of Transformation and hang out with Sarah on Facebook

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