Terms of Service & Disclaimer

Mindful Energy Code of Conduct

In my practice as a Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant, a Certified Ethical Psychic and Minister I vow to always:

  1. Practice within the framework as taught during my Certification;
  2. Obtain verbal or written permission before conducting a reading/session with anyone;
  3. Preserve client confidentiality, and never share information learned during a session or intake with others unless required by law;
  4. Dedicate myself to providing compassionate and competent services within the scope of my knowledge, training and experience;
  5. Be responsible for the energy I bring into the reading/session space and into any interactions with clients;
  6. Strive to be a neutral, open and clear channel for my client and to deliver the messages I receive with tact, focusing on a way to move forward in the situations that arise during the reading/session;
  7. Be mindful of my verbiage and how information is presented to my client so it will not: frighten, manipulate or otherwise coerce a client during a reading/session;
  8. Refrain from expressing judgments or personal opinions about information that comes in during a reading/session;
  9. Abstain from giving any medical diagnoses, interfering with the treatment of a licensed health care provider, or suggesting the use of any prescription, medication or treatment; Any food, dietary or physical activity recommendations that may come in during a reading/session are to be relayed as a “recommendation ONLY” and ONLY with the approval of a doctor;
  10. Actively work on my own Spiritual enrichment so as to embody and fully express the essence of Spiritual Empowerment to my clients;
  11. Be open to the continuing the process of enhancing my professional qualifications, training, experience and skills;
  12. Encourage and teach clients to trust in their own intuitive abilities and assist them in their personal growth as well as their own spiritual practice;
  13. Become aware of and learn the law of the country, state, province or nation in which I am practicing and obey the most current laws applicable to my practice as a Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant, Certified Ethical Psychic and Minister;
  14. Abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol or mind altering substances during any and all professional activities;
  15. Abstain from making “predictions” during a session;
  16. Treat my clients and their physical person with the greatest respect, and never engage in any illegal or immoral activity which hurts them, such as unsolicited touching of their genital area or breasts, asking them to disrobe, or sexual comments, jokes or references;
  17. Be truthful in my advertising by openly discussing my training and background, what is offered a in “typical” session, the fee that is charged and the amount of time spent in sessions;
  18. Refer client(s) to another practitioner if they fall outside of my level of expertise or scope of knowledge and practice;
  19. Reserve the right of refusal with any client I am guided not to work with.

    Mindful Energy Client Consent

    1. I certify that I am 18 years of age or older to qualify for these services.
    2. All intuitive readings and/or energy work are intended to offer insight and do not in any way constitute legal, financial, or medical advice.
    3. Information that is received during a reading or energy work is only a segment of the whole picture of who you are and your life experience. Information received is subject to misinterpretation by both the reader and the client. Mindful Energy and its representatives make no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, with respect to accuracy, relevancy, or quality of information.
    4. I understand that the practitioner is not a qualified medical doctor, mental health professional, counselor, financial advisor, or lawyer and that their advice is not a replacement for medical or mental health assessment or treatment, or legal/financial consultation.
    5. Mindful Energy and its representatives do not diagnose nor predict illness.
    6. There may be times during a session of energy work where light touch is applied, and this is done with my permission. If I experience any pain or discomfort I will let the practitioner know immediately.
    7. I understand that any treatment or reading is not a replacement for medical examination, diagnosis and treatment. No promises have been made or implied about the outcome of any session and/or reading. No promises have been made or implied regarding any pre-existing conditions and their current status and/or prognosis.
    8. I understand that I retain full and complete control of my mind, body, spirit and free will during any session and/or reading.
    9. I understand that I can terminate a reading or session at any time.
    10. I understand that the practitioner can terminate a reading or session at any time.
    11. It is my informed consent to participate in partnership with the practitioner to enhance my level of understanding in regards to my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic self.
    12. I understand that payment in full is due at the time of service, unless previous arrangements have been made with the practitioner.

      Mindful Energy Payment and Cancellation Policy

    Payment in full is required for any services provided–at the time of service, unless previous arrangements have been made.
    You must provide 24 hours notice for any cancellation of appointments.
    There are no refunds for missed or cancelled appointments.
    For those who are enrolled in the Mindful Energy Apprenticeship or Intuition Development Courses : During the course of your training, you have ONE free pass to reschedule a training segment. Anything beyond that, any missed session(s) will be forfeited by the client.
    Prior to any session you must have read and signed the Mindful Energy Client Consent and Disclaimer Form.

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