Have you seen that esurance commercial from a few years ago, the one where the old ladies are trying to figure out Facebook and the exasperated friend says, “This isn’t how this works. This isn’t how any of this works”?

That has become your life. You thought you understood the rules work hard and you’ll succeed, be nice and nice things will happen, loyalty is a thing. 

And yet, here you are, stressed and unfulfilled while feeling powerless to be anything different. You haven’t failed, you are not broken, and no, not everyone else has it figured out except you. 

What is happening is you’ve been given an incomplete set of rules. And I can help you fill in the gaps. As always, you have a choice, you can stay where you are — where you don’t quite fit, making everything seem way too hard. Or you can figure out what YOUR rules are, easing the learning curve of life.

If you know you are ready to live by your rules and discard the rest, this program is for you. If not, exit left and good luck.

The Level One Apprenticeship is a six week program where you get individual attention while I show you how to engage in your life, on your terms, to create the life you want to live.

Program cost is $575 and can be done in person or online. Payment options are available. Email me to sign up.


(This is for students who have completed Level One and have at least six months of Mindful Energy practice.)

Level Two has two tracks:

Track One — Beliefs, Roles, and Relationships

This program picks up where traditional therapies have left off and is especially powerful for those who are trying to navigate a toxic family —families that have revolved around narcissism, addiction, and/or abusive behaviors.

Using the fundamentals from Level One, you now get to unravel shame, become ridiculously good with boundaries, and improve the quality of your relationships. Probably best of all? Like Level One, this does not require vulnerable exposure. It is not necessary for me to be a voyeur of your shit. I teach you the process and you do the work.

Program cost is $399, payment options available. Email me.


Track Two — Allies, Energies, and Incorporations

Finally a program that successfully demonstrates how to bring magic into your everyday life — while maintaining respectability and professionalism. When you are ready to explore areas beyond the traditional five senses, that are readily available to make every area of your life easier, sign up for this.

I highly recommend Track Two if you are considering any profession in metaphysics or if you are overtly brining metaphysics into your existing profession.

Program cost is $399, payment options available. Email me.


Yes, you have it. Yes, you can trust it. No, you’re not nuts.

Now that we have that out of the way, this program is an excellent introduction to understanding and using your intuition. Over the course of three weeks, you will learn what intuition is, how it works, and most importantly, that you can trust it.

Program cost is $229 and is available in person or online. Ready? Email me to sign up.

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