Develop Through Coaching
Hourly coaching sessions that will help you navigate life’s more difficult terrain. I give you experienced insight into decisions you’re making, the direction you’re going, and unknowns you’re facing — at home, at work, and in relationships.

.5 hours $50 | 1 hour $90 | 1.5 hours $125 | 2 hours $150

Do it from your couch, do it from your car, do it on your lunch break, hourly coaching sessions are done by phone — easy and convenient for you! Simple, secure online payment is available.

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If hourly coaching isn’t quite what you are looking for, check out the programs I offer.

Energy Reading

The universe speaks in energy — everything we encounter has its own energy signature. Energy signatures are a unique pattern of energy that allows us to see the color red, the bark on a tree, cancer hiding in dark corners, or pain stuffed away from a time past. Have you ever wondered what your energy has to say? What sort of important information it is trying to communicate? BOOK your Energy Reading to find out. 30 min sessions $50 — available in person or via phone. 

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The Energy of Business
Lead, Inspire, Innovate

You can have the leading edge over your competitors when you bring Mindful Energy into your daily operations.

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