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The Ethics of Intuition


Let’s talk for a minute about the ethics of intuition, because not a lot of people are. How many times have you been accosted by the too-touchy reader at the psychic fair that gave you a reading without you asking?

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Whose Life Are You Living?


Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. — Gandhi  Gandhi is right, it all begins with our thoughts. Everything we do, everything

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Your energetic bank account is overdrawn

Every interaction you have, in your head and in the physical world, is an energetic transaction. What if we were to think of our energy in the same way we think of money? What if we were to budget some

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You’re Being Sabotaged


My client called me the other day, so excited he couldn’t gather all the tumbling words that were trying to fall out of his mouth. He did it, he kept telling me, he did it. After laughing with him for

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Who says we can’t have it all?


City or country, chocolate or vanilla, fries or tots. This is how we tend to see things and live our lives, choose one OR the other — but not both. It begins at an early age, usually with inconsequential things

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When feelings become squatters : A guide to eviction


Watching the news has been a contact sport of the heart lately — leaving many of us walking around in a cloud of complex emotions. We are trying to make sense of what’s happening and figure out what to do

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3 Steps to Confident Decision Making

Not being able to make decisions is one of the more common reasons people seek me out for coaching. Being unable to make decisions leaves them feeling misunderstood, unfulfilled, and sooner or later (usually sooner) they feel resentful. Which makes

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Be Bold : Live By Your Own Rules

bold /bold/ adjective 1.  (of a person, idea, or action) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. 2. (of a color or design) having a strong or vivid appearance. As this program began to take shape I wrote

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How to when you can’t even

Three things you can do to decrease stress in your life. I’ll try to break it to you easy — most of the stress in your life is invited by none other than you. We don’t randomly run into stress, like we

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We Are Born to Be a Reminder

We are different — people like you and I. We are at odds with that which seems just like us. We shave our legs, vaccinate our kids, shop on Amazon, and eat food that comes out of a box. We

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