Be Bold : Live By Your Own Rules



1.  (of a person, idea, or action) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.

2. (of a color or design) having a strong or vivid appearance.

As this program began to take shape I wrote in the margin of my notes, “BOLD means out loud, heavily lined, to draw attention, place emphasis here.” Instantly I knew this was the word I wanted. This was the type of person I was trying to define. Brave, dauntless, valiant, vivid, eye-catching. Yes, this is the person I want to find. Just below my notes on BOLD I also wrote, “pussies need not apply.”

The world has told you to be quiet, tone it down, quit drawing attention to yourself — this isn’t all about you.
Except it is.
It is all about you. Your life is absolutely all about you. Whose life would your life be about? Right.

When we live our lives for everyone else, we are oriented outward. Looking to everyone and everything else to figure out where to go and what to do — what to say, how to dress, what job to take, who to marry, and how to act.

Inevitably we begin to feel empty, bored, and stressed out. We try to eat, drink, and smoke our way out of it. We stuff ourselves with people, Netflix, Amazon orders, and social media, trying to fill the emptiness. We throw ourselves into midlife crisis, have affairs, and climb ladders to no-where, so we can feel important. None of it works. After all that, we feel burnt out, spiritually broke, and lonely.

Until we orient inward. When we look to ourselves — look to the very purpose that runs through our veins and permeates our bones — we will know what it is to be BOLD. I know it seems overwhelming, all the hows and whys and who me?? I will walk you through it. I will teach you how to live BOLD, and walk along side of you as you reorient and gain your balance in this new world.

Program Cost: $479

If you are throwing money at the screen you can sign up here. Or, if you are throwing money at the screen but still need a payment plan, sign up here. Or, if you’re not sure you are done being bored and unfulfilled and want to talk about it, email me.
**Four, one-hour online sessions — easy to access, hard to pass up.**

Sarah offers a humorous, down to earth approach to radical self discovery. Mentor, author, and leading innovator in her field, she eases the learning curve of this thing called life. Check out her book, Mindful Energy : A Journey of Transformation — a guided journal, and hang out with Sarah on Facebook

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